Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Return to Shall We Knit: Two Socks, and Continental Knitting

I'm off to Shall We Knit again this coming weekend, Jan 8 & 9, for two new classes. (It looks like the weather will be ok, but we have scheduled a snow date, just in cast Mother Nature decides to have some fun with us.)

Two Socks at the Same Time. The Normal Way, on Magic Loop. Like this:

And Continental Knitting. Speed up your knitting by learning a new technique!

Details here.


Lida said...

Good morning,
I stumbled on your very nice blog this morning. I have been knitting for many many years. Being a continental girl myself I learned continental style without even knowing there are different ways to knit. I am teaching my knitting friends to switch, they see me knitting effortlessly, fast, they just want to learn.

Angela said...

Great class today, Kate. I'm so excited by the economy of movement and the speed continental knitting offers. Squee!