Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Precious: Snowflower Shawl

For several weeks this summer I was working on a secret project... That's the (only) problem with knitting designs for publications - I can't blog about them.

This was a big project. By yardage, it's one of the biggest things I've knit, calling for about 1500m of lace weight cashmere. And being 1500m of lace weight cashmere, it's also one of the most precious things I've knitted.

It's finally been published, and I'm thrilled to be able to show it off...

The Snowflower Shawl, for Yarn Forward Magazine Issue 31.

(All images courtesy Yarn Forward Magazine, copyright St Range photography/Darren Strange.)

It's the last part in a three-part series on how to expand your lace knitting skills.

The first was the Double Diamond stole, in issue 29.

The second part was the Falling Leaves triangle shawl, in issue 30.

And the finale is this circular shawl, based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi shawl shaping.

One of the reasons I love designing for Yarn Forward - other than the fact they send me such gorgeous yarns to work with - is that the publications are available digitally. The publication is based in the UK, but anyone can buy a copy, and the issues remain for sale long after the print copies have sold out.

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Linda said...

Kate, what a beautiful shawl! You may be known widely for your sock knitting prowess, this design definitely puts you in the big league of knitwear designers.
Cheers, Linda