Sunday, November 08, 2009

On Pairs of Socks - Or Not

Of late, I've been noodling on the concept of a pair of socks.

Most pairs of socks are two of the same. That is, the two are exactly the same.

But when I look at my sock drawer, I have almost as many pairs of "unmatched" socks as I do matched. That is, socks that differ in some way...

there's Regia Nation Colour socks of course....

And then there's a pair each of Noro Kureyon socks and Silk Garden socks - neither of which is precisely the same.

The Kureyon socks on the left are more identifiably a pair - colour #185; the ones on the right are less obviously related, but I promise they are - colour #245.

Up next is the Zauberball I bought at Sock Summit...

which has even longer lengths of colour than the Noro yarns - looks at Lisa's as an example. Can't wait to see how different they work out to be!

This shouldn't come as a surprise - I do have a history of this, even with patternwork on my socks... the Signature socks differ, as do the Midnight Sky socks.

All of which is to say that I think I've landed on my theme for 2010 sock knitting - odd ones!


Curlysheep said...

I like your comments on unmatched socks. I'm a bit less relaxed with my socks and always make the colours match, even when I'm knitting with Noro. I actually start the toes at the exact same colour which means unravelling a whole lot to get to the colour I want to start with. The result is always pleasing to me, because I feel they look more "professional" but I am sure that many would argue that non-identical colour striping is the whole point with hand knit socks. That is, for the pair to look "one of a kind".

Nikita said...

I'm knitting my very first pair of socks, and decided early on that they will be different. It makes sense to me to try out different techniques on each sock of the first few pairs while I'm learning what works and doesn't work for me, instead of investing twice as much time and effort in figuring that out.

I am using the same yarn for both socks in the pair, just a different pattern.