Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Gifting/Thinking About Christmas

I finished the gift project the other day... looks pretty good, I think.

N. is modeling it very reluctantly.

A labour of love indeed. It wasn't a giant project, and so it wasn't a huge burden, and I'm happy to have done it.

Lots of good comments and discussions around the "Labours of Love" post. One knitter says that she's entirely happy to knit for someone who doesn't ask - since it's a genuine, from-the-heart gift. Makes sense to me!

I am considering knitting one gift for Christmas this year. Just a small thing, but I think it will be appreciated. Or will at least get a laugh.

Speaking of Christmas, have developed a mild obsession with this....

Yes, it's tacky Christmas sock yarn with glitter in it. And I needs me some.

My lame attempt at rationalizing it goes like this... I'm always knitting socks in public, and usually have one on the go when I'm teaching - and wouldn't it be fun it if were seasonal!

Yeah, that's it.

Might have to make a special pilgrimage to Mary Maxim to get me a ball.

Yes, that's right. It's tacky Christmas sock yarn with glitter in it MADE BY MARY MAXIM.

I am so ashamed...


Linder said...

Not made by Mary Maxim. Made by Universal Yarns as part of its very respectable Wisdom Yarns city series. You know, Chicago, San Francisco, Twin Cities, etc. and now: North Pole. Available lots of places.

Knitting is fun! Sometimes fun is sophisticated, and sometimes fun is Christmas socks with glitter on them.

It may go with the season; the Yarn Harlot has been obsessively knitting Dream in Color Starry, with 2% silver in it for the past couple weeks.


Robbie Laughlin said...

I don't think you should be ashamed of it at all... Maybe you could develop a cabled reindeer-antler or candy-cane stitch pattern to show it off in all it's glory?

I'd knit that in a second, with my new-found mad cabling skills!

Anonymous said...

And as tacky as the Mary Maxim catalogue is, let us remember that they created those memorable "Cowichan-inspired" sweaters of the 60's.. . . I can't wait to finish the one I have on my needles (for what feels like forever).