Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Conference Knitting/On Deadlines

I've met some great new knit friends of late, through Ravelry thanks to the pattern, and in various shops.

Had a great time on Monday with two intrepid shoppers, visitors to our city. They had flown into town for a conference and needed some conference knitting. The shop was their first stop, before even registering.

They wanted something to knit while they were in session - something that was interesting, but not so difficult that they couldn't pay attention. And they were looking for something Canadian, as a souvenir. (That means it doesn't come out of the yarn budget, you see. It comes out of the travel budget. Made perfect sense to me.)

For B., we settled on some Fleece Artist silk for a Clapotis.

A. confessed somewhat sheepishly that she didn't actually need a new project. She had one in her bag. She did need buttons, though. You see, A., had a completed sweater back in her bag, a bunch of yarn and pattern, and a deadline. She is presenting on Friday and plans to wear the sweater. "And if it's not done, I'll be standing up there in my bra."

I wish her godspeed!

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TracyKM said...

Of course, souvenir yarn comes from the travel budget! And it also doesn't count as stash!