Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fixing Mistakes: A Forest and Trees Problem

I'm working a lace design at the moment.

Hey, on a different but related note... here's the pre- and post-blocking pictures of the lace swatch, and the actual garment piece.

And they say that blocking isn't worth it...

Anyway, yes, working on a lace design. The stitch pattern is simple enough, a 6-stitch repeat. I was knitting away, while watching TV last night, and I discovered I'd made a small mistake. Nothing serious, but it was 6 rows down.

Easy enough, I thought. I can fix this without pulling rows back.

About 45 minutes later, still working away, I began to wonder... at what point does cleverness stop being the right way to go? I spend about an hour fixing the problem in place. But if I'd taken the simple route, and just pulled back the 6 rows and re-knitted them, it would probably have taken less time, and would certainly have required less foul language.

If truth be told, I'm still not wildly happy with the in-situ fix, as the stitches are a bit loose.

It would be great if there was a way to even out the tension.... hey... wait... what was I talking about up there.... ?


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Sel and Poivre said...

I just spent a couple of longish knitting sessions doing just as you describe then last night I decided even blocking won't help me. I ripped back and went to bed. Now I have to force myself to pick the thing up again and not just get discouraged with that project and cast on for something else more entertaining!