Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Every Day? In Public? In Public Every Day?

This has come up more than once in my knitting classes... I'm asked if I knit every day... (often with a slightly incredulous tone.)

I'm typically asked this when I talk about how long it takes to make a sweater. My favourite question, if only because I can answer it with my favourite snappy reply of all time: "Well, you know, it's sort of a 'how long is a piece of string' question."

Damn skippy I knit every day. Several times a day. I knit in front of the TV, and even if it's only 20 minutes of my favourite 24 hour news channel, there's daily TV watching.

And I knit when I'm on the phone as much as possible. And god knows that happens several times a day. And when I'm on public transport -- not daily but several times a week. And then when I'm in a line (often) or waiting at the dentist (this morning, as a matter of fact) or in a restaurant waiting for my salad to arrive (last night), or waiting for my friends to arrive at the bar (last Friday), or ... you get the idea.

Which brings me to the next question I'm hearing a lot at the moment... June 14th, this Saturday, is World Wide Knit In Public Day. "Do you knit in public?"

This makes me chuckle. I do know lots of people who only knit at home -- my Mum, for one, since her favourite type of project is a big complicated sweater that simply cannot be carted around. But as a lace and sock knitter, I knit in public as much as humanly possible. And I've done it in various locations around the world... photos from my vacation being proof....

This is all partially for practical reasons -- I'm often knitting on a deadline, and I need to maximize my knitting time. But it's also for the simple reason that it's the best possible way I can think of to pass the time.

For me, every day is World Wide Knit in Public day.


Sel and Poivre said...

I'm with you on the "in public" question! Are there knitters who don't do it every day? Really? ;)

FibreJoy said...

I do knit in public, that is, I take my knitting while traveling in public transportation. Also every time I travel long distances (on a side note for any police official who may be reading this: ‘No, I do not knit AND drive. My husband does the driving. I just knit…’) I also knit every day (my pile of books waiting to be read is getting jealous of my needles and yarn by now…). But one thing I have not yet been successful at, is knitting in a group, I mean, while talking.

I went once to one of the Stitch 'n Bitch meetings, and I have to say, the people I met that day were just lovely and very entertaining, but it didn’t do it for me.
First of all, I felt like I was not paying attention to what they were saying; I kind of felt I was being a bit rude to them. And the other issue was that I cannot focus on what I am knitting while engaged in full conversation. You know, counting stitches, reading a pattern, knitting, chatting.

Oh well… maybe that will come with practice? Or should I just engage in garter stitch while knitting in a group?

What do you think about this?

Have a nice knitting day!