Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Once More, With Feeling

(I couldn't resist, sorry.)

The Bunny kerchief again, this time for me... in a lovely, springy shade of green Feeling. Feeling is a terrific yarn, a smooth and fabulously soft wool/silk/cashmere blend from Needful Yarns. A single ball is 140m, which is enough to provide a nice little kerchief to go with my spring coats.

I rather like this design, if I do say so myself. This design solves two problems at once: a nice little showcase for a fabulous little yarn, and a quick and interesting-but-not-too-challenging project.

Don't tell me you haven't fallen in love with an luxurious (and expensive) yarn and craved a single-skein project for it? Don't tell me you haven't wished for a bit of light relief in the middle or a larger project? The bunny kerchief is a delicious distraction.

I've got several other things on the go at the moment -- and two of them have deadlines. So I'm trying not to be distracted with my own distraction project. To make it less tempting, I put it onto straight needles....

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Marilyn Adams said...

I am a big shawl knitter. I have one for every occassion and collect them from all over the world. I only wear rectangular shawls - usually about 80" long. I wear one EVERY day (I am in retail and customers come in just to see what I am wearing that day.) I am known for my shawls. For the past year or so I have been knitting them. I am obsessed! I love them 'cause I can whip them off during a hot flash, shelter myself from rain or snow, wrap grandbabies in softness and warmth and of course, cover my hips! Hey, some things are important.
SILK!!!!! I've been wanting to knit one from silk. I now design my own. Sometimes my own patterns and sometimes bit and snitches from others patterns. But, I now NEED to make one in silk. It's all that I can think of. All my knitting buds say that it won't "hang" right; and that I won't like it. Well, that's all the talk I needed to hear. It just makes me more determined to knit one! I have a pattern in mind, have it all worked out in my head, but now I need the yarn. The yarn I've knit it in before was a Jamieson & Smith Shetland with a gauge of 4 stitches per inch. Would the Feeling yarn work? I know that gauge is not as important in a shawl but I want it to look good and I also want to be able to say...see, it can be done!
What would you suggest for a SILK yarn? Help me here....I'm desperate!
Thanks for your help.