Sunday, March 30, 2008

Noro Socks! Eeee!


A plain and simple sock in colour #185. Cannot WAIT to get to the orange. I decided to work the heel from the centre of the ball, so that the flow of the colouring didn't break at the ankle. Depending on how the colouring looks by the time I get to the toe, I may or may not change it up there, too.
(I'm using my own sock recipe, on 56 sts, with k2 p2 ribbing at the cuff. The gauge is marginally heavier than the usual for sock yarn, so I might even go down 2 or 4 sts next time.)

The stretches of colour are longer than I expected, but I like it. It means that the two of the pair could be radically different. Having lots of fun with it so far.

This is colour #95. I'm playing with stitch patterns on this one, to take advantage of the lovely, lovely colours. It's tulip-y. Stay tuned. This pattern will be available for sale.

The knitting is going slowly as it takes more attention, and I've had more phone and car (and therefore easy knitting) time than I have focused sit 'n' knit time.

I anticipate having more focused time over the next few days, so I'm looking forward to making some serious progress.

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