Friday, March 21, 2008

Just 20 Million More Stitches....

A commenter recently posted a link to this lovely cartoon...

Oh, we've all been there. When a project gets boring, or when you're knitting to a deadline, you start doing the math. I look at the clock on the DVD player/TV box and start figuring out how many minutes it takes me to knit a row/round. And then I start estimating how many rows/rounds I have left. And how many hours of knitting it will be.

That way lies madness.

If we really thought about the time it takes to knit something, we'd be horrified. 8 hours a sock?! That's just ONE sock.

I like to measure my projects not in stitches or minutes (or hours... or days...) but rather in episodes of TV. The heel turn, gusset pickup and decrease of my latest sock took two episodes of Torchwood last night (longer than usual, but I realized that my pair wasn't matching, and since they're to be photographed professionally, it actually mattered). Plus, it's entirely possible I might have been a bit distracted. Captain Jack Harkness, anyone?

Rogue, for example, took about three quarters of a season of Buffy.

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sarah said...

oh. my. rogue in three quarters of a season? I must be a slow knitter. or i watch buffy faster. either way, my rogue is still not up to the armpits! boo.

I need tv recommendations from you... we seem to have similar tastes, and i'm almost out of things to watch!