Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Sock, and a Monkey

The Monkey's name is Trinidad Huggins. He was a birthday present from Norman, and the name comes from a spam email I received recently. The sender was "Trinidad Huggins" and the subject line said, simply, "Make Her Grin". He does... therefore, it seemed like the perfect name.

(Later that day I got a spam email from a Mr. "Sylvester Cotton", which also seems like a good Sock Monkey name... but that will have to wait for the next one.)

The sock is using some old school sock yarn from the stash, Regia 4 Color Jacquard. It's nice and simple. I don't often use these types of sock yarns anymore, and I do still enjoy the surprise of how the patterning works out. This is a nice combo of faux fair isle in grey and white, with stripes of shades of grey. It's remarkably effective, I couldn't tell there was so much complexity in the shading when I looked at the ball. (Click to embiggen the picture and see it more clearly.)

This sock was started because I went to a movie. The project I was working on at the time was too complex for working in the dark, I needed something I could do entirely on autopilot. The leg of a plain sock is perfect for that. I cast on and worked the ribbing before I left, and happily worked on the stocking stitch leg in the theatre, much to the amusement of my seat-mate.

The pattern is my standard sock recipe, as outlined in Knitty.

Because I'm just that sort of person, when I picked up the stitches for the gusset to reestablish the round after turning the heel, I made the stripes line up so that the patterning was unbroken on the instep. It continues to amuse and amaze me how much trouble I'll go to make something that's going to be stuffed into my winter boots look nice... particularly since without my glasses I can barely make my feet out, let alone notice a slight break in the stripes...

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