Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yet another sock underway.

This is stash yarn -- the ball band long gone. It's sock yarn, I know that much. Old school, 75%wool/25% nylon sock yarn. Old reliable.

I think I picked it because it was manly, I had a certain recipient in mind for a pair of gift socks.

This week I needed to started a pair of plain st st socks to use as a sample for a class, and dug this out. I figured this might be a faux fair isle or something.

(I don't like wasting a yarn that's calibrated for a faux fair isle on a ribbed pattern. You lose the effect. My basic ribbed sock pattern is best for yarn that's splotchy (a la Jitterbug) or stripes or even -- gasp -- plain. A faux fair isle should be worked plain to show it off.)

So I cast on for my plain & simple sock, all st st, and this is what results.

Nice, eh?

Much nicer than I was expecting. The twist in the yarn always deceives me. I know, intellectually, that the strong contrasting lines you see in the twist of the yarn won't show up as strong lines in the knitted fabric, it just forms a nice tweed. But even so, when I see a yarn in a ball, I can't help but think that it's going to be all stripey, somehow.

Of course, this is another excellent argument for swatching...

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Serenknitity said...

Definitely yarn for a bloke sock.

I'm on my second pair of Lana Grossa socks in your Basic Ribbed Sock pattern and they look fab stripey.