Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Progress with the Scurvy Shawl, More Socks, Other Applications of the Lifeline

With all this frantic sock knitting going on...

(I've hit a new personal high. Or low, depending on how you look at it. I've got three sock projects on the go. I've got one each of a pair in orange and the red & black tweedy yarn, and half of a first clown sock. Although the clown sock will probably remain an orphan. It's a sample for display. If I had more than two sets of sock needles, the second red & black tweedy one would be on the needles, but having only two pairs is keeping me focused on getting the ugly one done.)

... there hasn't been much work on the scurvy shawl...

Although I did use it as a cautionary tale and a demonstration of the value of a lifeline in lace knitting in a class on Sunday.

On the topic of lifelines....

I've been working with E. on sock knitting. She was having trouble with picking up stitches for the gusset. The heel turn is without problem for her (yay for E.!), but picking up stitches has proven to be challenging. She's needed to pull back a few times while working the gusset.

While talking her through this on the phone. (Yes, the phone. This is not the first time I have talked someone through a sock over the phone.) I had a brainwave... I had her thread a lifeline, before the gusset stitches are picked up -- so through the heel after the turn, and the held instep sts. That way, E. can pick up and pull out the gusset stitches as many times as she wants, and the sock is all safe.

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