Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just Socks!

My contributor's copy of Just Socks arrived last week. It's a fun little book, with a variety of sock designs both fun and practical. It includes patterns for crocheted socks . This isn't the first time I've seen crocheted socks, but I must confess that I'm still getting used to the concept.

All I'll say is that some designs are more effective than others. I think I prefer crochet that's not attempting to simply reproduce knitting. Crochet is its own thing, and its differences from knitting should be taken advantage of. Crochet can take a couple of forms -- a fairly stiff, dense fabric, or very open and loose lace fabrics. The best designs -- there's a couple of pairs in the book that I think are genuinely doing something great -- use this. I really like the lacey pairs, and there's a ribby colourwork pair that takes advantage of denseness of single crochet.

All that aside, though, I'm proud to see my name and work in print amongst some well-known other designers.

Thanks to Shannon Okey, the book's editor, and congratulations to all the other designers whose work is included.

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