Thursday, July 19, 2007

Commute Knitting - Or Not

Here I am, in New York, adapting to a new city and a new lifestyle -- and a new commute.

Am sad to report that my commute is very knitting-unfriendly. It's short, which is nice. But I never get a seat, and have to change trains at the midpoint. These factors mean that my reading-while-standing-on-a-moving-train skills have increased, but knitting productivity has dropped.



Stephanie said...

Welcome, Kate, to the Big Apple!

Unknown said...

I hope you're enjoying the other aspects of being in NY, and maybe you can get one of those knit project carries so you can knit while you stand.

Also, congrats on your publication in Just Socks! I'll have to go to B&N and pick up a copy.