Friday, July 06, 2007

In need of new LYS

Seeking new local yarn store! My "L" -- location, that is -- has changed.

As of this morning, I'm coming to you from New York City.

It was a tough decision to leave Toronto -- I will sorely miss all my friends and knitting compatriots, my family, all the terrific restaurants and shops. And most of all, The Sheep and Lettuce.

But I heard the siren song of the Big Apple, and I went.... I'll be back, no question. But for a little while, at least, I'll be a New York-based Knit Blogger.

Anyone know a good stitch & bitch event I can attend, to start getting to know the community?


juuli said...

Check out the nyc knitters' webring
(rearrange on one line)
One of my favorites is ambercake. She posted terrific knitter's walking tours a while back (march, april?).
Have fun in new york! I did!

Are you living in manhattan, or in queens, bronx or brooklyn?

sarah said...

Oh My, that's a big move! All the best in NYC, i'm so jealous!