Monday, January 08, 2007

Pimlico - Another Gripe About the Pattern

So the big main square is done... which is nice, because it was getting pretty tedious.

Now onto the next bit. You're supposed to do the sleeves separately and then sew them in. Sewing? Bah! Unnecessary! Why not just pick up the stitches around the armhole and work the sleeve in place? Easy! Less sewing!

The sleeve pattern goes like this:
Cast on xx sts.
Join and work k2 p2 in the round for a ways.
Then increase all around and work k3 p3 for a bit.
Cast off.

Then later on, it says "Sew Sleeves into armholes."

So as I'm contemplating my pattern alteration, it hits me: it doesn't actually indicate which is the top of the sleeve -- which bit you're suppose to sew to the body.

Yeah, I know, logic says that the wider section -- that is, after the increases -- goes at the top. But this design is constructed unusually... the sleeves are only from the elbow down to the wrist, which doesn't really require much shaping. And then the edging of the sweater is deliberately flared -- the ribbing starts with k2 p2 and then is increased to k3 p3 to flare out.

Seeds of doubt are sewn.

So here's the thing. There are pics of the design in the book. But I'm one of those sorts that travels with my knitting, and carries a photocopy of the actual pattern instructions -- the book (I own) sits safely at home, protected from the dangers of flying coffee.

I had to resort to surfing the web looking for other people's pictures of the damn thing, trying to figure out if I'm right thinking that the k3 p3 ribbing goes at the top of the sleeve....

It's a minor issue, in the grand scheme of things, but a good example of a little thing that can cause a big problem.

(Least interesting and helpful photo ever.)

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MsFortuknit said...

Its turning out so wonderfully! Im still stuck on the k1b, k1 in 1 st, (some stuff that makes sense), k1b-f, k1 in 1 st...hahahah