Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Can't Count

Having a degree in mathematics doesn't mean I can count.

I dug out all my squares yesterday to show off to some of the knitters in my life, and it turns out that I've actually got 20 done.

This, it seems, is actually number 21.

And now I have four balls of yarn left and only three squares left to knit.

This is awful for two reasons. Really, how on earth am I to choose which colourway to abandon? And this means that I'm closer to the end than I feared.

I will miss this pattern.

1 comment:

geekchickknits said...

Hi Kate it's Erin from the sheep....just a thought on the extra could make the extra square and whichever one doesn't flow best with the others attach the the wrong side as a know....if you like that kind of may be too pretty for a pocket in which to keep your remote and hide (wrapped) snacks.....or possibly your toes depending on the position of...well you see where I'm going with this...