Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh dear.

So remember that gripe I had about the sleeve instructions for the Pimlico?

About how it wasn't clear if the k3p3 ribbing went at the top or the bottom of the sleeve? And that how I was going to modify the pattern so that I was picking up the stitches from the body and knitting down? So that I'd be stuck if I got it wrong?

Well, I got it wrong. And I'm stuck.

I dug out the book and looked at the picture. And yeah, I'm wrong. The k3p3 should be at the bottom of the sleeve, so that there's a nice elegant flare at the wrist.


So, what to do? Pull the sleeves out (both of them) and work 'em again? Or cut them out and fudge a sewn cast-off on the cut edge of the k3p3 and sew them back onto the body the other way around? Or leave it as a unique variant of the pattern?


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