Friday, March 31, 2006

Meditations on a Sock Project/Bendiness

Why is 3x1 ribbing less tedious than 1x1?

And knitting with drinking straws isn't nearly as much fun as you think it might be. I tried those new Pony plastic dpns - they're yellow with red stripes. (That's weird, I can't find any reference to them online to link to them... Hmmm... .)

Very cute, but too damn flexible. Way too bendy. They may be more manageable in a different size -- I was using 2.5mm. They feel nice, and they have the right level of slight slipperiness for knitting cotton. But I found the bendiness slowed me down significantly.

Look at the picture. I mean, really! I'm hardly putting any pressure on them. Knitting needles should not bend this much.

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