Friday, March 31, 2006

Four Senses

I've always known knitting is a sensual experience.

It's the feel the of the yarn -- rough, silky, smooth, bumpy.

There's the look of the piece as it grows in your hands.

Consider the sound of the needles, clicking endlessly.

But scent.... Scent is rarely discusssed. I was helping some students in my class choose their projects. L eventually settled on a Handmaiden kit for a wrap, in silk. Mmm... silk... The scent of silk is distinctive and fairly strong.

Denny and I were talking about it. She suggested some washes to get rid of it, but I like it. I clearly remember a purple raw silk top I owned 15 or so years ago, and its constant, faint aroma.

So now I'm obssessing about what I'm going to knit in silk.

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