Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another UFO

I was in the shop today. A woman came in carrying a bag that was clearly identifiable as a UFO. She admitted it was probably 20 years old, and had been abandoned for the last 15. She had picked it up again recently and needed some help getting going again.

We've all been there, as I've discussed before.

She took us through the project. It was mostly done. The back was complete, as were the sleeves. Here's where it got a little silly, though... "Well, I didn't like the stripes so I bought all one colour yarn."

Ok, no issue there.

"And I only want two buttons."


"And I don't like the fact that the placket is done in a different yarn."

"And I don't like the neckline or collar."


Again, I've been there, wanting to make changes to a design. I've used a commercial pattern as the basis or inspiration for a garment many times.

Here's the kicker.

"But I'm not a very good knitter."

I thought Erin was going to run out of the store screaming. I enjoy a challenge, so I had no problems taking it on as a paid design job.

But who on earth sold this poor woman a pattern she dislikes so much??? No wonder she abandoned it.

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