Monday, January 09, 2006

The Vass Variation & A Crisis Narrowly Missed

A much better fit than the original design; very happy with it. And I'm pleased with the colour progression, afer all that fretting. The stripes don't quite line up on the sides, but it's fairly close.

Great fun to knit, and the sewing-up wasn't too boring.

This sweater is an interesting sartorial departure for me.... way more colours than I'm used to. I'm planning to wear it to my class tomorrow night to get some feedback. The sleeves are also going to take some getting used to -- they're sort of lumpy.

As for the crisis, check this out...

That yarn tail is how much I had left of the final ball when I'd cast off the final row. Those last couple of rows were nail-biters. I wasn't totally out of yarn, so I could have fudged a solution, but it wouldn't have been a smooth fix, because I would have had to add in a different colour.

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