Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Works in Progress, and Work Abandoned

A Fleece Artist sock. Just one so far. This is my current portable knitting.

This is lovely, lovely sock yarn. I hope it wears well. It's 100% Merino, no nylon for reinforcement.

Another story with the vintage poncho thingy, a sadder tale. Lesson learned re: using handpainted yarns. These looked the same to me in the skein, but they're really very different worked up. The one on the left is bluer, the one on the right is yellower. Harumph.

I shall unravel the pieces and contemplate another use for the 5 skeins I have of this stuff. Argh.
I'm not interested in starting again with the old "2 row stripes" of this yarn. I know that would help with the colours, but I have grown weary of the pattern.

So, a summary of WIPs...
Portable knitting: Fleece Artist socks
At home knitting: Vass-Not-Very-Varied
Design brewing: a dog sweater in a novelty yarn

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