Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Not-Yet-Felted Bag

So here they are... the pieces to be felted. The body, two handles (well, ok, the other is still on the needles) and a toggle loop.

Still waffling on which bag design to do. Although I like the shape of the roll bag, I'm not sure I like the way it's assembled. The pattern book suggests blanket stitching, which I feel it rather fights with the dainty, structured look of the bag.

In the interests of science, the dimensions pre-felting are as follows:

37.5 cm/15 inches wide, 85 cm/34 inches long

Handles, each:
40 cm/16 inches long, 2.5 cm/1 inch wide

Toggle loop:
33 cm/13 inches long, 1 cm or so wide

BTW, the big rectangle is actually supposed to be 45 cm/18 inches wide . Which does indeed provide a wonderful illustration that tension of stranded colourwork does not necessarily equal the tension of the same yarn knit singly.

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