Friday, December 02, 2005

To be hung with care.... Christmas Stocking

2 x 100g Needful Yarn’s Van Dyck (sample uses colour 247)
1 x 50g Needful Yarn’s Santa Ana (sample uses colour 4156)
6mm 40cm/16 inch circular needle
6mm dpns
stitch holder
stitch markers

Follow my Knitty sock template for a 50-stitch sock. (As my University professors would say, the details are left as an exerise for the student.)

Work the leg for 30cm/12 inches.

Turn the heel, and work the foot until it's 20cm/8 inches long. Decrease for the toe fast, every round.

For the trim:
Turn the sock inside out. Pick up and knit 56 stitches around the cast-on edge with the Santa Ana. Work 12.5cm/5 inches in stocking stitch. Turn the stocking right side out again, fold the trim over so that the knit side is out, and whip-stitch to stocking body to secure.

Make an i-cord hook with the Van Dyck.

Hang, and wait patiently.

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