Thursday, February 12, 2015

So many great things! Frolic classes, Sockupied Knee Socks, New Book Cover Art

Weeks like this are immensely gratifying. As a freelancer, I work on many different projects at the same time, all with different deadlines and timelines. Although I'm working at a pretty steady pace through the year, the pace of releases doesn't always match that... sometimes nothing gets released for weeks at a time. And sometimes a bunch of things I've been working on for weeks/months/years all launch at the same time.

And this is one of those weeks!

Working on for weeks:
I'm teaching at this year's Toronto Knitters' Guild Frolic April 25 & 26. I love this event. The vendor fair is always fantastic, I get to see so many of my far-flung friends, and I have a wonderful time with smart and engaged students.

This year, I'm teaching:
  • Crochet for Knitters
  • Short-row Skills
  • Slipped Stitch Colourwork
  • Continental Knitting
  • Intro to Brioche
  • Finishing Masterclass
There's a great line up of instructions, some of them new to the Frolic. If I wasn't teaching? I'd be first in Amy Swenson's photography for knitters class, or exploring beading with Sivia Harding.

(I won't lie: one of the reasons I always get so excited about it is that it's always announced in the depths of the winter, and it always makes me feel that perhaps Spring might be coming after all.)

Working on for months:
My Washington State Knee Sock design is in the just-released Spring 2015 issue of Sockupied
Image courtesy Sockupied/Harper Point Photography
Accompanying the design is an article about how to create custom-fit knee socks. Because after all, we're not the same height and we certainly don't all have the lovely legs the model has... 

Now, I love wearing knee socks, but knitting them is less fun. That leg takes a loooooong time. They can be tedious, it's true. Can I share a secret with you? These socks are worked in sport-weight - Lorna's Laces very clever and lovely Sportmate! Trust me, they go MUCH faster than if worked in fingering weight. I swore off knitting knee socks after two designs in short order, but when they told me I could work in sport-weight, I had no qualms at all.

Working on for  years:
My Custom Fit Sock book cover art has been revealed, and the book is available for pre-order through Amazon in the US, Amazon in the UK, and indigo in Canada

I'll write more about this book in the near future. I'm too busy jumping up and down about how great it looks.


Eileen said...

Totally excited about the new book! Just pre-ordered it.

May said...

I've been waiting for your new sock book and am very excited that it will soon be available.