Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At Shall We Knit this weekend

In some ways I'm very relieved that the end of February is approaching fast. But in others, I feel like it's moving too quickly. It feels like it was only last month I was visiting some of my fibre-besties over at Shall We Knit in Waterloo.

But it was before Christmas. Before the epic winter of coldness and misery got started.

I'm teaching a full slate of classes:

Two Socks Two Circulars. Because Second Sock Syndrome is a Very Real Problem.

Fearless Finishing. Because admit it: you don't like sewing up, and there's a little voice in your head that says you're probably weaving your ends in wrong. For knitters of all experience levels, this class focuses on making it easy and fun. And helping you understand the value of the techniques. I explain blocking and seaming and ends and picking up stitches.  And I promise I won't judge - you should have seen my first attempts at seaming!

Introduction to Colourwork. Because working one colour at a time is boring. Stripes, both horizontal and vertical! Polka dots! Checks!

Cables 101. If "C6R", "T2L" and "C3/2B" make you panic; and charts cause concern. This bootcamp will have you working cables with ease and style - and definitely no tears.

Plus, I believe the sale closet is open this weekend. I have a special weakness for the sale closet.

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Catherine said...

Two socks on two circulars is the best way, I keep straying back to dons but always come back, x Catherine (the maker of the two cakes)