Tuesday, December 30, 2014

VATMOSS and VATMESS and January 1st 2015

In response to the VATMOSS changes to taxation for purchases for EU customers, I'm making two (small) changes to how I go about doing things.

I will offer my patterns, as always, through Ravelry and Patternfish. Purchasers in the EU will see no major changes in their Patternfish experience, other than they will have VAT applied based on their location. Ravelry purchasers in the EU will be directed to LoveKnitting to complete their purchases.

Pattern Writing Book
I'll be shutting down my own mini online store that I've been using to sell my Pattern Writing book. If you wish to purchase that after December 31st, your options are Patternfish and WEBS. The price will be the same at both sites, and the experience exactly the same. (Although I'm sure what WEBS is doing for EU purchases... ) (There is no support for e-books currently with LoveKnitting, but as soon as that becomes available I will make sure the book is available there, too.)

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Rich said...

I do believe LoveKnitting supports ebooks. It just isn't integrated with ravelry. I'm pretty sure Hunter was able to get her books loaded there.