Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How the Sausage Gets Made: Behind the Scenes at a Sock Photoshoot

Big thanks to Gillian who stopped off on her trip to the airport Monday morning to drink coffee with me, and take some photos.

We had two items to photograph - the Rosetta Tharpe shawl (to be published soon! stay tuned!), and a pair of socks. Because this neighbourhood has a lot of varied architecture and some pretty great graffiti, we were having fun taking photos outside.

But midway through the shawl shoot, it started raining, so we dashed over to Cafe Unwind, our favourite local coffee shop, for refreshments. The observant Gillian noticed that the light in a corner of the shop was good, and there was a nice little stool that we could use as a prop.

So we got clever.

I perched on a bar stool, by the window (coffee in hand, naturally),

Gillian stuffed herself under the bar,

and Dexter just stood there.

Anna, the coffee shop owner, watched in amusement and amazement.

Can't wait to see the finished shots! Knowing Gillian, they'll be amazing, and you wouldn't have even know we were hiding from the rain in a coffee shop if I hadn't told you...

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