Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Baby Sock Pattern: Free!

A couple of weeks ago, a knitter from Australia emailed asking for help with a baby sock pattern. It wasn't my pattern, but she'd knitted my training sock, and she thought I might be able to help.

I took a look at the  pattern she'd been trying to use, and let's just say that the instructions left a little to be desired. They're the sort of instructions that would work well if you were an experienced sock knitter, but the knitter in question wasn't.

So to help her out, I decided to write my own baby sock pattern. Several friends are expecting late this summer/early this fall (yes, that is a good way to keep warm during an ice storm...), and I was planning to make gifts anyway. I rummaged in the stash for something fun and non-gender specific, and found a fun green Koigu. And churned out some socks in record time. Baby socks are fast knitting!

In my usual way, I've written the pattern to be friendly to newer sock knitters, and I've also written it so that you can work on DPNs, magic loop or two circulars. There are three sizes: itty-bitty newborn, a 6 month size, and a 9-12 month-ish size.

Although I don't have a baby handy to model them, I can confidently say that the 6 month size is a little small on the dog...

Download the pattern for free, from Ravelry.


pudgypooh said...

Thank you for this cute pattern. My little granddaughter will love them!

cockeyed said...

Thanks for doing this! Great pattern for any first time sock knitter!

May said...

This is a great pattern and very well written. Thank you.

Shelleyknits - ATBKG said...

I just had a grandson born last week so a big thank you for posting this. I will definitely be making some of these cute little socks for him!