Friday, October 04, 2013

WIPs: mine, and others'

My so-bright-you-need-shades shawl is coming along brilliantly. Pun intended.

Details on this pattern coming shortly. Patience, my lovelies.

Friday mornings, I teach a regular Project Class at The Purple Purl, in Toronto. It's a group session, where everybody gets to work on a project they find challenging, and I help out. It's fun for me, as I get to vicariously knit a lot of very cool things.

This morning, I was working away on the Highlighter Shawl of Eyeblindingness. I looked around the table, and noticed that two of my students were working away on projects from my books.

Lovely Lady P. is making my double-layer mittens in this most excellent tweedy orange, and she's going to work the lining in a lovely weight laceweight.

And The Divine Ms. M. is making my slouchy hat.

Now, it should be said that they're both great knitters, and wonderful people, and they both listen to my knitting advice. So if I had told them to work these patterns, they would have done.

But I didn't. I hadn't told them to, they'd just picked them because they wanted to make them. That's the biggest compliment in the world.

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