Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flu is Yucky; Once I've Recovered...

I've been living life like a cat the last little while: staying indoors, and sleeping 16 hours a day. I know there is debate about the merits of the flu shot, but all I have to say is that flu is nasty. It is, plain and simple, exhaustion. Having a shower requires a 20 minute rest. Walking the dog wiped me out for the afternoon. And let's just say I didn't get a lot of knitting done, let alone any work.

Still, I'm on the mend. And I've got enough energy now to start thinking about my plans for the next few weeks, and I'm excited.

The weekend of January 25th to 27th I'm at Shall We Knit, in Waterloo.
Friday night they are hosting a signing of my new book, Knit Accessories.
And over the weekend I'm teaching four classes:

  • Continental Knitting
  • Entrelac
  • Fearless Finishing
  • War and Peace Socks

More info here.

Sundays February 10, 17, 24 and March 3rd I'm teaching a special session of the Project Class at The Knit Cafe in Toronto.

Saturday February 16th I'm going to be at Spun Fibre Arts in Burlington, teaching two classes, Fearless Finishing and Top Down Socks 101.

More info here.

Saturday February 23rd I'm at The Stash, a newer store in Campbellville, Ontario. Two classes there, Socks 102 and Lace 102. More info here.

And then there's the Vancouver Retreat, and stay tuned for some other announcements in the near future.

And of course, there is my regular teaching schedule at Lettuce Knit and The Purple Purl.

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