Saturday, April 21, 2012

FO & pattern: C.B., the Flat Bear

Meet C.B., also known as Flat Bear.

A student brought a version of this pattern to a class recently, and I fell in love. It's a classic church bazaar pattern, and very similar to the “Trauma Teddy” pattern distributed by the New Zealand and Australian Red Cross organizations (a version here, with jaunty stripes, and another here, info about the program here). I don’t know that the copyright belongs to anyone – this is my transcription of the pattern, with additional notes. There are plenty of others floating around online, and on dog-eared photocopied handouts, like this one... (click to embiggen)

I worked up a sample using some scrap yarn and knitted him a scarf.  C.B. (stands for "church bazaar" ;-) ) is a very easy project - worked entirely in garter stitch - and a fun way to dip your toe into toy knitting.  The only thing that can be considered evenly slightly tricky is the sewing up, but even that's not too bad. Flat Bear would also be an ideal project for new knitters - especially young ones - given how quick the project is.

And if you've recently taken a class on Continental knitting (you know who you are, friends of On the Lamb), then he's a great way to practice.

3.5mm needles – straight or short circular
worsted weight yarn – about 25gm
a scrap of contrast color fingering weight yarn for embroidery
contrasting color sock yarn and 2.5mm needles for optional scarf
stuffing – polyester fibrefill or wool roving

If worked with worsted weight yarn, finished bear measures about 5 ½ inches tall. 
Gauge isn’t critical, but you do want a nice dense fabric to hold the stuffing in. You can use any yarn you have lying around – just use needles a couple of sizes smaller than recommended for that yarn.

Cast on 8 stitches and knit 16 rows. Leave sts on needle or slip to a holder.
Make a second leg the same way, leaving the sts on the needle.

Knit across both legs and work 8 rows total. 16 sts.

Arms – First Side
Cast on 8 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows.  32 sts.
Knit 8 rows.

Cast off 8 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows.  16 sts.
Knit 38 rows.

Arms – Second Side
Cast on 8 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows.  32 sts.
Knit 8 rows.

Cast off 8 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows. 16 sts.
Knit 8 rows.

Working only on the first 8 stitches, knit 16 rows. Cast off.
Return to remaining 8 stitches and knit 16 rows. Cast off.

Fold knitted piece in half at middle of head. The fold becomes the top of the head.

Seam around teddy, leave a small gap between the legs. Stuff and close the final opening

Backstitch a diagonal line across corner of head to form ears, and embroider a.

Run yarn around neck, going in and out every few stitches. Draw to tighten and secure.  Weave in ends.

Optional scarf
With fingering weight yarn and 2.5mm needles, cast on 6 sts. Work in garter stitch until piece measures approx 18 inches. Cast off.  Tie jauntily around neck.

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