Thursday, February 09, 2012

Upcoming Teaching & Events

Because I love knitting and my friends in KW, I'm spending Valentine's Day with the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters' Guild. I'm speaking at their February Meeting.

Each year, the Guild has a theme... this year it's all about a New Take on Old Traditions. I'm speaking about how the internet has changed knitting.

This blog being a marvellous example of that...

And I'll be back in the area again the weekend of March 3 & 4th... I'm teaching at Shall We Knit. The class list is available on their website, and you can register there, too.

I'm teaching my 2 hour Continental Knitting bootcamp. Become a faster knitter! Get ready for stranded colourwork! Rest your aching wrists! This is the class in which I demonstrate the legendary Norwegian purl... learn to purl without moving your yarn to the front...

Saturday afternoon it's the 3-hour Knitter's Toolkit, in which I answer all those pesky questions that go answered... why are there so many "make 1" increases, and which one should you be using? What's the best all-purpose cast on? How do you achieve that elusive loose cast off? And I'll discuss swatching and blocking and joining yarn.  Come with your tricky questions!

Sunday it's all about skill builders:
Introductory Cables - come and make my cabled coffee cup cozy and learn how to make cables!  Coffee will be provided...

And my Herringbone Lace Shawl - an ideal first lace project, it introduces you to safe, easy and fun lace knitting.  I teach you about the magical top-down shawl works. A great way to use up those single skeins of sock yarn.

And look for me on the schedules at the Needle Emporium and at the Creativ Festival in April.

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cal said...

what?!? how have i not heard of the legendary Norwegian Purl??? i'm already a continental knitter but purling slows me way down (well, slower than i already am). must look into this!