Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Silly things I've knitted, #748 in a series: a bonnet for a pepper grinder.

A 1980s vintage pepper grinder, no less.

A couple of years ago I published a pattern for a baby bonnet with ears, based on a classic design.

I teach a class on this pattern. As is my way, I designed a mini version that can be quickly knitted so we can get all the way through it in a reasonable amount of time in class, and I can make sure to cover all the required skills.

Hence, the mini baby bonnet. Which PERFECTLY and rather creepily fits my terrible tacky pepper grinder.  (Note to self: buy a new one.)


curlysheep said...

That's quite cute, actually! You should draw a face on the pepper grinder and bring it to your next bonnet class to display it. This is, of course, after you've bought a new one to replace!

Celine said...

That is super adorable. That type of hat is perfect too, like a little alien in disguise as a pepper grinder.