Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long-distance travel: all a girl needs

A travel pillow and a lace knitting project.

Of course, to add to the fun, I decided partway in that I wanted to change the lace pattern, and so I dug out my little graph paper notebook and recharted it.

But I'm not always in the mood for lace, so I've got some sock projects with me, too.

Two plain black socks (Project Black Sock is ongoing, in case you were wondering), and a cabled sock design idea in orange.

I am away for three days, after all. I would hate to run out.

So far, 32 or so hours into the trip, and I'm halfway through one of the black socks. No risk of me running out at this rate...

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Auntea said...

Ahhh travel knitting. I treated myself to a new shawl pattern & DK wt wool for my trip to CA two weeks ago. I still have to finish the shawl as on the trip home, I was too crowded in on the plane to have enough room to knit. Not to worry, I had my book, but all I kept thinking about was my knitting bag in the storage compartment up over my head. So close, and yet so far.............