Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Peppermint Twist Sock Pattern: Brought to you by Soak

As I mentioned last year, I collaborated with the lovely people of Soak on a fun project. They needed some socks for the labels of their terrific Heel foot cream, and I have some socks... so they borrowed them, and took some photographs.

Heel has been a terrific success for my friends - and it never fails to make me smile to see pictures of my socks in all the yarn stores I visit!

As part of a fall promotion, Soak and Vogue Knitting have published the pattern for the sock featured on the label for my favourite scent of the Heel, the minty scented one: my Peppermint Twist socks.

Free! Download here!


Unknown said...

Love those socks! Your patterns are my FAVORITE!!!

Natural fibre girl said...

Great socks!! Let's all do the twist!!