Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Sock Design: River Run

A few months ago, Three Irish Girls invited me to create an exclusive design for their yarn... they shipped me a skein of the loveliest, freshest light blue... I took one look at it, and it was obvious what it wanted to be... it was a clear, fresh mountain stream, cascading over rocks.

And so was born River Run...

Another pair using one of my signature details - differing left and right socks. If you're one of those knitters who suffers from Second Sock Syndrome, this should help keep you interested. A keen eye will notice that I was having fun with the ribbing, too...

The pattern is available for purchase from their website, here.

I love their yarn - great semi-solid colourways, and a lovely soft hand with that all-important nylon for long wear. Even if you're not up for River Run, they have lots of other great designs, and lovely yarn.

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