Sunday, March 22, 2009

If You Blog About It, It Will Come

After reading my post - nay! plaintive cries! -- about the sad discontinuation of Paton's Kroy 3 Ply, knitters are digging through their stashes. I have received a motherload of the yarn...

8 balls of a truly fab red, one each in grey and navy blue, 2 of dusty pink and 2 of a grey stripe.

I can get one and a half socks out of a ball, so that's 21 socks' worth of yarn! I shall have to think of some clever things to do. This yarn deserves more than a simple stocking stitch sock.

Many thanks to J. and S. for their kind contributions to my stash. In both cases, the yarn came to them via the precious stashes of now-deceased knitters who were close to them. I am honoured that they were willing to part with it.

Anyone else got any they would be willing to part with? Happy to trade!

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TracyKM said...

If you have a need for a particular colour, let me know! Most of my colours are drab, LOL. I love the pink and the striped one you got!
My two favourite pairs of socks were Kroy 3 ply. One was "Drunken Bees" and one was a stitch from Sensational Socks. They seem softer and loftier than the new Kroy Socks.