Saturday, December 06, 2008

Two Quick Mitten Related Things

To answer a question I've been asked: the yarn for the mitered mitt is Kureyon colour #188. And no, I didn't plan it so that the colour change would happen at the end of the ribbing -- it just worked out that way. So for the second one, I could either throw caution to the wind and let the colours fall where they may -- or I could engineer it to match the first. Either is a valid technique with Noro, I feel.

(And in a related, very annoying point, the mitt uses 26gm of yarn. Which means that a single ball will almost but not quite be enough for two mitts. Argh.)

And on the other topic, it's cold today and snizzling today. Snizzle is like drizzle, but with snow. It's cold enough that the snowflakes are small, light and dry and pretty constant. Snizzling.

So I broke out the Latvian mittens for the streetcar ride. And I discovered a serious design flaw... the colour work is all over the hand of the mitt, making a lovely layered and warm fabric. Except for the thumb.

It's a single colour. Which means it's a single thread of yarn. So it's not nearly as wind-proof. Harumph. This may well be enough to inspire me to design my own, with stranded thumbs.


TracyKM said...

If you don't want to do colourwork on the thumb, you could just knit it double strand, or even just carry the second yarn as if you were knitting with it, weaving it in as you go. I've done that with the thumb gussets when I don't want to struggle with making the colour pattern work out properly with the thumb increases, but still needed the second colour on the other side of the increases to keep knitting in the round, LOL.

rita said...

Snizzle. That's perfect for what it's doing in the mountains of Virginia today. May I steal it?

Caitlin said...

May I make a suggestion for your re-designed thumb? I wear (and thusly make) a lot of convertible mittens like these with the flip top thumb. I copied the design of a purchased pair with a flip top thumb, but with the slit up by the top of my thumb it was always coming open, or just letting in a massive draft. I moved the opening for the split top down the the base of my thumb, and now it's still very easy to flip off and it stays completely closed when it's on. That might help with your coldness problem too.