Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Look! A Mitten! Yay!

My own variation of EZ's mitered mitten, tweaked in several ways.

I added a ribbed cuff for better fit - a mitered k2 p2 - and reduced the number of sts so that it actually fit me.

Click on the picture to see the ribbing.

The original calls for 48 sts in this gauge yarn, which would be a good size for a man or a larger woman, but significantly too big for my little girly hands. I suspect that EZ was a big, strapping farm girl with big, strapping farm girl hands...

And of course, worked in Noro Kureyon because it's the best yarn in the world for this sort of thing -- warm and wooly, yes, and great colour effects for the mitering.

I'm teaching a class on the Mitered Mitt and its variations at the Naked Sheep. Click here for more info.


mmj said...

the colours are gorgeous. looks like a fun knit!

FibreJoy said...

Love your variation of the Mitered Mittens, and your choice of the colour!

Did you work the lilac on the ends of the mitten and the thumb on purpose? Love it!

Have a great knitting day!


Kim's Suitcase said...

hey, i wondered where this delicious mitten came's gorgeous!