Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sandra's Mini Sock!

As anyone who has taken my sock class -- or read my article on Knitty -- I start off sock knitters with my "training sock". It's a simple pattern that allows a new sock knitter to learn all the techniques to create a sock, in a reasonable amount of time.

To give you a sense of scale:

It's worked on larger needles and worsted weight yarn, so you can see your stitches more easily, and you can make fast progress. (I find that "real" teeny tiny sock yarn and needles can be a little intimidating for new sock knitters.)

I love seeing the training socks that result, it's fun for me, and confidence building for my students.

Sandra, who attended a recent class, was feeling so good after completing her training sock that she decided to try her hand at working with "real" sock yarn and needles.

She worked my training sock again, in a self-striping yarn she had in her stash.

The result was wonderful!

She put a long loop on it -- she suggested it would make an excellent Christmas tree decoration.

I had a better thought... if you see a red car driving around Toronto with a jaunty blue sock hanging over the rear-view mirror, you'll know that's me!

Thanks for a wonderful gift, Sandra!

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