Monday, May 19, 2008

Decisions, Decisions: Travel Knitting

As anyone who has spoken to me in the last month knows, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. (Sorry if I've been boring you!)

A few days in Cannes, avoiding the film festival, and then a few days in London. There's some work planned, for both the day job and the knitting, but also lots of sitting around drinking strong coffee and relaxing.

And for that, I need relaxing knitting.

Oh, what to take... decisions, decisions. God forbid I should run out of things to knit while on a four hour layover at Heathrow....

I have one and half socks to finish for an assignment, but those will be done fairly quickly.

I have already shipped the Scurvy Shawl ahead with Norman, since it's on a metal needle and I'm taking only carry on, and I'd hate to lose my favourite Addi Turbo. 95% of the time, metal needles are fine on planes, but I'm not risking this one. I'm desperate to finish -- it's been fun, but a tough slog. I'd had been contemplating making it larger, but the challenging nature of the graph is making the calculations hard -- and anyway, she says, madly rationalizing, it's ok that it might be a bit small. I'm using much finer yarn than the original pattern calls for -- laceweight rather than sport. It's looking like it will be about 50 cm/20 inches long after blocking, and therefore have a span of about 100 cm/40 ins. This is pretty damn small for a shawl, but I'm going to treat it as a scarf. And it's going to be so outrageous that I wouldn't want it too big. It's bright orange and lime green after all.

19 rows of about 400 sts left. Which should take most of the first leg of the vacation. (I was averaging about 15 minutes a row, so that's 5-ish hours.)

And then what?

Well, naturally, I'm going to take some sock yarn, since I'll have the needles with me anyway. I can get two pairs out of 3 50g balls.

Both of the black and white mix yarns -- a twist and a tweedy mix -- were bargain bin finds. (Note both the price and the sophisticated label on the ball on the right...) If I use the plain black for the top rib, the heel and the toe, a 50gm ball is enough for a pair.

So that's about 5-6 hours of lace knitting (allowing extra time for fixing of mistakes and lifeline feeding and such).

And then two pairs of socks at about 12-15 hours a pair. Another 24-20 hours.

But I'd hate to run out.

So then there's this... the yarn from the abandoned Lace Wings project....

laceweight doesn't take up much room in my bag... and anyway, I'll have the right needle with me, and the pattern sheets take up no room at all... what the heck...

The design I have in mind is Cheryl Oberle's North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls. Of course, because I can never leave well enough alone, it's a different yarn -- lace weight rather than the DK she calls for. And I'll be working it narrower and shorter because I don't have enough yarn. So again, more of a scarf than a shawl.

So yeah, four and a half pairs of socks, and one and a quarter shawls. That should be enough for 10 days, no?

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