Thursday, April 17, 2008

All this talk of the Torch...

...I'm starting to think about this year's Olympic project.

To refresh your memory, the idea behind Olympic knitting is that it is to be a personal challenge.

The rules are simple: cast on during the opening ceremonies, and finish no later than the closing ceremonies. The Yarn Harlot's original idea was simple: if you're going to spend that much time on the couch watching people challenging themselves, your knitting may as well be in keeping with that spirit of a challenge.

Here's the recap of my 2006 Winter Olympics Knitting:
My Project Decision
Getting Ready
Day 1: A Weak Start
Day 2: Getting Going
Day 3: Good Progress
Day 4: Pride and Fall
Day 5: Onto the Difficult Bit
Day 6: Moving Right Along
Day 7: Double Argh
Day 8: Back on Track
Day 9: The Home Stretch
Day 10: Finished!
Post-Game Analysis
Gold Medal

What to do this year? It's easy.

Steeked fair isle.

In my sock classes I always talk about how some knitters have such a strong preference for working in the round that they work cardigans in the round and then CUT THEM! That is, work a steek. I'm invariably asked if I've done it, and I have to say no. Therefore, it's time to steek.

The other thing about steeking is that it's done most often in the cause of Fair Isle colourwork. Which is something I do very very rarely also.

So it's a steeked Fair Isle project, no question.

I'll be honest about my 2006 project: it was too easy. I finished very early. I might need to take on something bigger this time around.

I did a quick Google for steeked fair isle and landed on this: Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest. I do love a good vest, and it looks like something I might actually wear....

Have also considered an actual Norwegian pattern -- Lopi or Bohus or something. What I have to consider is whether I'm going to have much teaching and other work knitting going on during that time. I'm usually working on both personal projects and assignment projects - for books, for store samples, for pattern samples -- at the same time, and that seriously cuts into the time I have available for knitting for my sake. So perhaps a smaller (i.e.) sleeveless project is more sensible.

More to come...

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