Sunday, February 03, 2008

Resizing the Basic Ribbed Sock

From a request on Ravelry... I'm easy to find there, BTW... like the Harlot, my ID is basically my blog address.

The sock at the standard 60 sts fits women's shoe sizes 6 to 8 1/2 no problems.

For a smaller foot -- up to size 6 1/2 or so -- cast on and work 56 sts for the leg. The rest remains much the same -- heel is worked on 27 sts (therefore you're putting 29 sts on hold for the instep), 21 heel rows (although I'd go down to 19 if you're working for a very small foot) pick up 15 (again, 14 for a very small foot) for the gusset. Work gusset decreases so you're back down to 56 stitches. And start the toe decreases 5cm/2 inches short of the desired foot length.

For a larger foot -- size 9 or above -- cast on 64 sts. Work an additional 1-3cm/1/2 - 1 in for the leg.

Work the heel on 31 sts and work 23 heel rows. The heel turn would go like this....

RS: K21, skp, turn.
WS: P11, p2tog, turn.
RS: K11, skp, turn.

and repeat the last two rows to turn the heel. You’ll have 13 left over, and pick up 16 sts for the gusset. Then decrease the gusset down to 64 sts for the foot.

And of course, lengthen the foot to suit – toe decreases start 5cm/2 ins short of your foot length.

Anyone want a men's version?


Unknown said...

Yes, I'd like the men's version. your sock pattern is the only one i've ever successfully completed! i want to do a couple more to gain confidence before i tackle another pattern.

peacockmom said...

I'd also appreciate the men's version. This looks like a great classic sock. I also like your clearly written directions. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, please make a men's version. This is exactly the kind of simple sock that my husband would want.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found this sock pattern and I'd like to try it for myself, since I've never done socks before, but also wanted to know if it could be adapted for kids? Is there any way to get a kid's version of these socks? Like for 7-9 inch feet (little kid US size 10-13)? Thanks so much for considering!

About Cheryl and More said...

I am in the middle of doing this pattern (this will be my 2nd pair of socks. yay!) I am at the heel flap I have a patter from 2007 is this 2008 version a correction for a womens size 9 1/2?