Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disrupting Friday Night Dinner...

M. and R. tracked my progress with LR all through the fall and early winter, and had recently asked me what was going on with it.

So I brought all the blocked squares over for dinner last Friday. After the cake and tea, we pushed the dishes aside and laid all the squares out on the table.

And we played LR-tetris. "No, not there, that's too close to another dark one."

"How about this orangey-one here, to set off the grey?"

After much swapping and changing and standing on chairs to get a better view, we got it.

We carefully labelled the pieces, while M. played documetary photographer.

So, all I have to do now is the actual sewing....


Sally said...

Love you Lizard Ridge. What yarns did you use? TIA, Sally

lababla said...

this makes me want to try with home-made kool-aid dyed yarn (Noro is very expensive and dying is so much fun)..I'm thrilled.