Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Methadone for the Lizard Ridge Addict

Because a girl can't be expected to go entirely cold turkey on Noro....

I'm working on an entrelac scarf in Silk Garden. This is a design for a class I'll be teaching this spring. Stay tuned for details.

I'm using the same needles as LR, it's a similar technique, all short rows and turning, and it's Silk Garden which is even nicer to work with than Kureyon. So I'm doing ok.

On a different note, I discovered last night that it's impossible to knit lace and watch coverage of the Sporting Group in the Westminster Dog Show. Yes, it's true, we gloried in all the High Def production values of a televised dog show. All that cooing and oogling over the big adorable dogs with their giant paws make it impossible to concentrate on placement of yarn overs.

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