Friday, February 09, 2007

A few thoughts as I near the end of Lizard Ridge

(Halfway through the last square.)

I have seen two complete Lizard Ridges in person now... Jen's and Stephannie's. I didn't get a chance to spend significant time with Jen's, but was able to have a good ooh and aah over Steph's this week. She's finished it beautifully.

We discussed a few approaches to finishing. The thought of all that seaming and weaving in of ends is giving me hives... I worked it out today... 38 seams of about 30 cm each. That's 11 metres (or about 38 feet) of seaming.

Mum's suggested crocheting the pieces together, which would be infinitely quicker, but Steph did warn that it's a bit lumpy on the wrong side. She ended up sewing it together. She also used a knitted garter edge rather than crochet, and it's very effective. Plus I'm so much better at garter than crochet.

And on the issue of the bazillion ends, Mum suggested I simply not worry about it, and line the blanket instead. Something with a bit of texture, perhaps raw silk? Because 24 balls of Kureyon haven't made this project expensive enough, I should also buy several metres of silk.

Still... wow... just imagine how amazing that would be.

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denny Mcmillan said...

yes yes yes line the blankie with silk.

It is going to last for years, long enough for you to forget the price of it and just enjoy the use of it.