Sunday, July 30, 2006

Trad & Mod

I live in a condo building, and our garbage and recycling room has a small table on which people leave things that they don't want, but aren't ready or appropriate for throwing out.

Someone occasionally leaves stacks of fashion magazines. That's always fun. (Not to mention the odd broken VCR that for some reason makes my husband all nostalgic...)

But last week I struck gold: a knitting book! Well, just a Patons' booklet of knitting and crochet patterns for baby clothes from the late 1960s or early 1970s. But it's still knitting! It's called "Trad and Mod: a collection of classic and trendy designs for today's baby". (Note the trendy caps-free subtitle.)

It's a real mixed bag of utterly timeless, very-much-of-the-time, and "dear God I can't believe that made sense at any time".

The oddest combo of all, at least from the perspective of practicality, is a long sleeve pullover with a matching vest/tank top thingy and shorts. The poor baby would be uncomfortable in any weather, with upper body wrapped two layers of 3-ply and then -- as shown in the photography -- only a pair of shorts and ankle socks. It's a good thing the model has pudgy little legs, you'd need the fat to keep you warm.

Of course, it's all in "Courtelle". You can dress up a pig and give it a nice name, but it's still acrylic. Bah.

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